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A Sensory Storytime Series!

Time for a story.

A Sensory Storytime Series!

Sensory Station is a new monthly program series. It’s designed to be welcoming to all children including children who especially benefit from sensory play. There are stories, songs, fingerplays, and dancing, combined with one or more multi-sensory play station for the children to explore. Children can follow the arc of the program with a visual schedule.

Most recently there were paint ice cubes to try; the time before it was cold, minty ‘snow’ made with baking soda.

Happy conversation during the story Pick a paint ice cube to paint with   The next date is Wednesday, 2-27, at 10:00; children will explore different tactile sensations using coffee grounds, sand, and more!'paint ice' paintingOh hello, we are painting with painty ice cubes!A closer look at one of the paintings

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