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Artist-Inspired Hub Projects!

Artist-Inspired Hub Projects!

The Imagination Hub, a curved counter with chairs and projects

Take a look at the cool things to do at the Hub!

There are projects inspired by famous artists joining other projects on the Imagination Hub in the Children’s Room. Each has information about the artist and pictures of their art. If you’d like more ideas for similar projects, you might like the book Great American Artists for Kids: Hands-On Art Experiences in the Styles of Great American Masters. Something changes every week, so once all the artist-inspired projects are out, they’ll be replaced by something else.

Artist Hub Projects

Mondrian Tangrams

Your child can arrange pieces into a Mondrian-like picture after looking at pictures of two of his famous pictures.

People making a Chihuly Sculpture Chihuly project - straws and play clay

Use curvy straws and play clay to make a sculpture in the style of Chihuly. We overheard adults ask, “Do you remember the big one we saw at the Children’s Museum?”

Child at Picasso Portraits, Hub Picasso Faces

Look at Picasso Faces and add features to make a Cubist-style face. One kid even said, “Hey, come make a funny face!”

“Classic” Hub Projects

Child at Hibernation Cave, Hub Hibernation Cave and play animals

The Hibernation Cave encourages imaginative and unstructured play, as well as interesting conversations between children and adults. It’s also fun!

Five Little Ducks flannel board

If you know the song “Five Little Ducks,” sing it here while playing with the flannel ducks. If you don’t know it you can learn it from Raffi.

At the Hub, children can interact at their own level. Very young children may end up sitting at Picasso Portraits with their adult and just moving the pieces in and out of the bin. Older toddlers and preschoolers at the Hibernation Cave may pretend it is too cold for the animals and tuck them into the cave with imaginative commentary.