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At-Home Teen Craft-A-Long: Art Challenge

At-Home Teen Craft-A-Long: Art Challenge

This week at PGTPL, we recreated Katsushika Hokusai’s famous work of art, The Great Wave, using a variety of art supplies and household items. Follow along to make your own version of this seventeenth-century masterpiece!


Image source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art



  1. Spend some time looking at The Great Wave to get a feel for the colors, textures, movements, and other details that stand out. 
  2. Gather supplies. You can use anything from colored pencils, markers, watercolors, acrylic paints, or magazine cutouts to pipe cleaners, elbow macaroni, beads, or yarn. Try combining many materials to give your work of art interesting textures. 
  3. Draw a basic outline of The Great Wave on a piece of paper or canvas.
  4. Fill in the outline with the materials you have selected.
  5. Be creative and have fun! Your version doesn’t have to be an exact replica of the original artwork. 


As always, we would love to display your arts and crafts (including your version of The Great Wave) in the Teen Central Gallery! Bring your pieces to Teen Central or send digital files to

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