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AtoZ World Food and Food America

AtoZ World Food and Food America

Thanksgiving is a time of tradition, warmth, and gratitude. Many of the staff at the library are foodies and we regularly search the AtoZ World Food and the AtoZ Food America databases for exciting and fresh cuisine ideas.

As a library patron you also have unlimited, free access to these cooking and recipe databases from home. The links are on our library website under Digital Resources—> Online Databases, so you can easily access them from your home computer, device, or cell phone. 

You could be the unique family member this year that brings an exotic side dish from a different country.  Or perhaps your family can start a new tradition of baking a State- specific American dessert each year? 

You have many options to explore with these two databases!

Search the databases using the interactive map or country search. Once selected, you can learn more about the food heritage and practices, such as traditional dishes, spices, and meats used in their cuisine. 

Hone in and search by a specific ingredient you love cooking with or a different ingredient you may wish to try.  Search by Ingredient Categories such as exotic, fish, meats,  fruits, vegetables, legumes, herbs, pasta, and spices. There are recipes to suit all tastes, ranging from vegetarian to meat/game recipes, soothing or spicy, or simple to more complicated if you feel up to a cooking challenge. 

More than recipes!

The recently added AtoZ Food America database focuses on solely American cultural cuisine but with an educational twist! You can browse the database by State, Region, Ethnic Group, Historical, and Ingredients.


In the Historical Section you can research what the Pioneers on the Great Plains ate or the Apache Warriors in the 1880s. Browse vintage photographs of people dining in train cars or historic hotel menus. Look up classic food ads or what food used to cost in a certain era. 







Select Explore Recipes & Food Culture by US Ethnic Group to experiment with their native recipes. You can also look up fun facts like: what is considered a special occasion food in California for Cinco de Mayor or the Lunar New Year? What dishes are considered staples in the South?

 “Ristras are strings of chiles, garlic bulbs, or other vegetables that have become a trademark of Southwest decorative design. They are strung up to dry for later cooking and eating. Chile ristras are most common and are said to bring good health and good luck.

Navigate the interactive map in the Explore Recipes & Food Culture by State section to see what people in the Midwest eat all the way out to the traditions of the Pacific Coast. 

These are just a few of the featured areas of the AtoZ Food Databases available to you to use here at the library or from home via our website.