One of the most common questions we get at the library is some variation on “When does My Favorite Author’s next book come out?” As a big fan of George “Six Years Between Books” Martin, whose most recent answer to the next-book-question was, essentially, “Stop asking me!”, I’m sympathetic with the desire to keep track of upcoming releases and more than a bit jealous of all you James Patterson fans who get a new book every other week (or so it seems.)

The Library is happy to introduce a service designed for keeping track of your favorite authors, receiving notices of their upcoming releases, and placing these items on hold, as well as discovering other authors in the Library’s collection you might enjoy reading. The service is called AuthorCheck; it can be found on the Library’s website under the Digital Resources tab.

After creating a username and password, you can search for your favorite authors and track them, which will allow AuthorCheck to send you an email in advance of the author’s next release, and provide you with a link to put the item on hold.

AuthorCheck helps connect people with the books they want and books they didn’t know they want, which is certainly my favorite part of the job of a librarian.


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