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David’s favorite movies

David’s favorite movies

Here are ten films, count them – ten – that I love to watch.  Why am I telling you about these films, you might ask, because on a lovely cold day in February, it’s the perfect time to stay in and enjoy these classic films.Image of item

1. The Blues Brothers–For starters it’s got great music, stuff you can really jive too!
2. Back To The Future–Deloran, need I say more.
3. The Truman Show–Creepy but an interesting concept.
4. Joy Ride–Very creepy but believable.
5. As Good As It Gets–Jack at his best.
6. Twister–Not the board game, the film.  For the time, it was cutting edge excitement!
7. Charade–A very good classic Hitchcock-like film.
8. Dark Passage–Another very classic film which one an Emmy for best camera angle!
9.Nothing In Common–Last film to have Jackie Gleason at his best performance yet.
10. Die Hard With A Vengeance–A very good action film!

So, there you go….those are just some of the many films I love to watch.

– Dave The Tie Guy