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Five Reasons to Sign Up for Summer Reading Club 2023

Five Reasons to Sign Up for Summer Reading Club 2023

School is almost out and Summer Reading Club 2023 is almost here! You can sign up now and pick up your reading logs starting on Tuesday, May 30.

But why is Summer Reading Club so important? Here are five great reasons to sign up you and your kids today!

Prevent summer slide

Reading every day is the best way to keep your child’s skills strong over the summer! Make sure they have a great start to their school year as a confident reader by building a sense of accomplishment. 

Encourage family literacy

It’s important for kids to see adults modelling reading habits! Sign yourself up for the adult Summer Reading Club and celebrate reading together.

Reward reading and learning

Kids who participate in the Summer Reading Club can earn a free book to keep, as well as raffle tickets for awesome prize bundles, and an entry to the Children’s Summer Reading Club completion party!

Encourage your child’s interests

Allow kids to choose materials that interest them; all reading counts, even magazines, eBooks, and audiobooks! Summer Reading Club is the perfect time for your child to explore their favorite hobbies and interests. 

Free kid-friendly activity

You don’t need a special pass, a library card, or unlimited hours in your day to complete the Summer Reading Club successfully! Kids can read a library book, a book they already own, or a book they borrow from a friend, and just 15 minutes a day throughout the summer will ensure they complete the Summer Reading Club and get their final prizes.


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