From Seeds to Plants

From Seeds to Plants

Earlier this month, during Library Lab Online: Seeds, Valerie planted bean seeds in a jar and in a plastic bag. Those seeds have been growing in the library ever since.  Check out their progress!


Day 2: The bean seeds in the jar begin to sprout. The bean seeds in the baggie show no visible changes.


Day 4: This seed in the jar grows a radicle with roots, and a seedling emerges. The seed coats of the seeds in the baggie have split open.



Day 6:  The seedlings in the jar now have cotyledons! The seeds in the baggie have obvious radicles.


Day 8: What a difference a couple of days makes!  The seedlings in the jar have grown true leaves, and small seedlings begin to emerge from the seeds in the baggie.


Day 10:  The plants in the jar are taller and grow toward the sunlight from the windows. The seedlings in the baggie continue to grow.

On Day 11, Valerie planted the seedlings at her house. Stay tuned for another update later in the summer!

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