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HCCF Needs Assessment Survey

HCCF Needs Assessment Survey

The Hendricks County Community Foundation (HCCF) wants to hear from you! The HCCF is conducting a Needs Assessment for Hendricks County to prioritize the county’s needs, unite institutions an resources, and work together to find solutions.

The results of this survey will be used:

-to help identify and prioritize needs in Hendricks County;
-to unite institutions and resources from throughout your community; and,
-to create solutions that produce significant, widely shared, and lasting results.

The survey will take about 6 minutes to complete. Your answers will remain anonymous and only reported as totals or as anonymous quotes.

If you have questions, please contact Eric Hessel at

Hendricks County Community Foundation is a community partner that creates a better future for all by pursuing the community’s greatest opportunities and addressing the most critical challenges, inclusively uniting people, institutions and resources from throughout the community, and producing significant, widely shared and lasting results.


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