New Children’s Books!

New Children’s Books!

It’s a new month, so we’re featuring some recent arrivals in the Children’s Room! It’s always exciting when new books come in. Here are a few we enjoyed!

Picture books

Look! Babies Head to Toe by Robie H. Harris & Natascha Rosenberg
A charming exploration of babies! The bright illustrations and rhythmic text provide a perfect introduction to parts of the body and the five senses for young readers.

A Stone Sat Still by Brendan Wenzel
In this poetic picture book, Brendan Wenzel celebrates the value of stillness. Over the seasons and years, a stone is many things to many creatures, from the slug to the porcupine. But it is always still. The illustrations enhance the text, reminding readers that everything has its role.

The Secret Life of the Skunk by Laurence Pringle & Kate Garchinsky
Skunks are stinky and gross, right? Not so fast! Laurence Pringle shows readers the fascinating world of the a skunk family and helps us understand them better. With gorgeous illustrations and tons of information about skunks and their lives, this book is perfect for every budding naturalist.

Chapter books

My Life as an Ice Cream Sandwich by Ibi Zoboi
Ebony-Grace Norfleet loves all things science-fiction and Star Wars–a love her grandfather has encouraged. But when she spends the summer with her father in Harlem, she feels like an outsider. How can Ebony-Grace find her place when the world is changing around her?

Undercover Princess by Connie Glynn
An ordinary girl and a princess swap places in this thrilling start to a new series! Written by a YouTube star, Undercover Princess is great for readers who love Shannon Hale’s Princess in Black series, or the Whatever After books. An engaging, fast-paced story!


If you’re interested in one of these titles, put it on hold or stop by the library today!

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