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Open Game Night: Villainous

Open Game Night: Villainous

Do you have a favorite Disney villain? Disney movies often give us such delightfully wicked villains, it’s hard not to form some attachment to them.

If you have a soft spot for the likes of Ursula, Jafar, or Maleficent – you’re in luck! The game Villainous . In the game, each player takes the role of a Disney villain with a series of tasks or puzzles to complete to win the game. But victory isn’t so straight forward. You’re opponents, while working their own path to victory, are also sending Heroes against you to complicate your plans. So, for example, Captain Hook will find himself facing down the Lost Boys, Tinerbell, the Darling children and, of course, Peter Pan.  Villainous is all about balance and efficiency – working your own character-specific actions, while keeping an eye on your opponents’ progress and trying to strategically slow them down by playing their Heroes against them.

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