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Shakespeare Saved My Life programs planned

Shakespeare Saved My Life programs planned

As promised in our previous issue, the One Town, One Read series has begun! One Town, One Read is a program that encourages everyone in the same community to read the same book and then discuss it. Our selection, based on your voting, is Shakespeare Saved My Life by Indiana author Laura Bates.

Shakespeare Saved My Life follows Dr. Bates’ journey volunteering to teach Shakespeare in the one place where it had never been taught before – the supermax solitary confinement in Indiana’s Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. There, she met Larry Newton, a convicted murderer with several escape attempts under his belt. While he was considered the “most dangerous” of the most dangerous, he also had an incredibly sharp mind; eventually becoming one of Dr. Bates’ best students. They spent 10 years discussing Shakespeare, developing a very strong bond, and creating one of the most unlikely, yet long-lasting friendships.

As you read, consider some of these questions:

Why did Bates think it was so important to bring education to high security prisoners? Are prisoners deserving of high education, and should said education be funded by tax dollars? What set Larry apart from her other students?

Programs planned February – April

You are invited to attend any of the five discussion sessions for the book; each led by a different staff member. One Town, One Read will be capped off by a visit from Laura Bates at the library on April 23, Shakespeare’s birthday! So enjoy the book, then come to the library to discuss it, and to hear Dr. Bates speak!