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Spring Break at Home

Spring Break at Home

With the world as it is, we’re now spending Spring Break at home. If you feel you have exhausted all the resources popping up for fun activities at home, here are a few more ideas for you to feel like you’re traveling when you haven’t left your couch!

As always, the library has digital resources for you to use. Feel free to check out our databases here:

Global Road Warrior has etiquette, travel tips, and culture information; you can work on learning new languages with Mango Languages or Rosetta Stone; or you can check out a travel guide on Libby.

Roller Coasters

Are you a thrill seeker? Love a good roller coaster? Skip the line and take a spin!

Diamondback at Kings Island

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Walt Disney World Resort


There are plenty of online tours. Here are a few that may strike your fancy:

The Smithsonian National Museum has several online tours for you to enjoy.

In California, the Winchester Mystery House  may be closed at the moment, but they have an online tour available.

The Louvre is one of the most famous art museums, and they have free online tours available here.

Google has street art tours, where you can take virtual tours or look at images of art around the world.

Zoo & Aquarium Visits

The Indianapolis Zoo has plenty to view online as well, like this training video with a walrus.

The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago has fun videos, and even let their penguins out to visit other animal exhibits.

Nature Views is the world’s largest nature cam network. While you may be stuck at home, you can view what’s happening on the beaches of Hawaii or you can watch some bald eagles nesting in Iowa.


All in all, we know many of you have altered your Spring Break plans, but we hope you’re able to find some fun activities to enjoy your Spring Break at home.