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Toddlers Don’t Sit Still. That’s Okay!

Tot Tuesday Shaker Eggs

Toddlers Don’t Sit Still. That’s Okay!

Tot Tuesday is every Tuesday at 10:00, designed especially for 2 and 3-year-olds with an emphasis on fun as well as early literacy experiences. Three times a month it’s an active storytime; the other Tuesday(s) it’s a simple process craft.

What’s a toddler storytime like? Last week was a storytime, loosely based on the letter ‘B.’

Kids high-five the Bumblebee puppet.

First, the If You’re Happy and You Know It song. Everyone tried to guess what /b/ (buh) thing was in the bag. It was a bumblebee puppet that came around to say hi and high-five the kids who wanted to.

I Am a Backhoe book.

After a fingerplay about measuring, cutting, and painting boards while building a house, there were two quick stories; the new book Builders & Breakers by Steve Light, and the participation book I Am a Backhoe by Anna Grossnickle Hines.

Shaker eggs!

Next, the kids came up to chose shaker eggs.

Up and down with the shaker eggs.

Then we danced to an up and down song!

Cozy time with board books.

After the action rhyme Cranes Reach Up it was ‘Cozy Time with Books’ and the kids picked a book to look at with their grownups for a few minutes.

Where's it hiding? game

The Where’s It Hiding? game can be surprisingly exciting and dramatic! “Little bug, little bug, are you under the green rug?”

Silly Dance Contest freeze dance song.

The beginning of the end, time to dance! Jim Gill’s song The Silly Dance Contest has been the tot freeze dance song for a long, long, time because it’s just right. (Don’t tell the kids but) freeze dance songs are a delight but also work on two important skills – listening and waiting.

Kids getting their hands stamped with 'B' and balloon stamp.

Hand stamps anyone? Today we have the letter ‘B’ and a balloon. Sticking to the theme until the end. Well, that was fun!

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