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April Teen Reads

April Teen Reads

Take a look at some of the new titles available this month in Teen Central!

The Reappearance of Rachel Price by Holly Jackson

When eighteen-year-old Bel and her family agree to participate in a true crime documentary about her missing mother, Bel is shocked when her mother suddenly reappears.


Fate Be Changed: A Twisted Tale by Farrah Rochon

Merida and her mother do not agree about her future as a queen, but when a witch’s spell sends Merida back in time, she soon realizes that she and her mother might be more alike than she thought.


Something Kindred by Ciera Burch

Jerika was not planning on spending her summer in Coldwater, the strange town where her dying grandmother lives.  But the more time she spends in town, the more questions she has about her grandmother and mother’s past.


The Final Curse of Ophelia Cray by Christine Calella

Ophelia Cray is desperate to hide her identity as the pirate queens daughter as she joins the navy under her half-sister’s name, but her secret might come out when her sister must hunt her down to bring her home.


Kill Her Twice by Stacey Lee

When a Chinatown movie star is killed, the Chow sisters decided to put their detective skills to work, uncovering more than just a murder.


Draw Down the Moon by P.C. and Kristen Cast

Wren is surprised when she suddenly develops powers.  Lee cannot believe it when the girl he’s secretly loved for years also gets invited to a secret, magical academy – but now he must decided whether to follow his heart or his legacy.


The Misdirection of Fault Lines by Anna Garcia

Three teen girls, each having their own reasons for competing, go head to head in a tennis tournament, but when the competition leaves the courts, they suddenly find that they are not alone in their struggles.


The Smoke that Thunders by Erhu Kome

Naborhi’s life has already been planned for her, but when she meets Atai, she is thrown into an adventure where she learns that the gods might have a different life in mind.


Dragonfruit by Makiia Lucier

Hanalei is forced into a life of exile for her father’s actions, but when a chance encounter with a dragon offers her a chance to go home, she jumps at the opportunity.


How Not to Fit In: An Unapologetic Guide to Navigating Autism and ADHD by Jess Joy

How to Not Fit In discusses how doctors and researchers have learned more about the neurodivergent brain in recent years, revealing why diagnosis’ seem to be more frequent and how knowing yourself better can lead to better mental health.


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