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Save the date!

We are please to announce that Arts Gala 2023 will take place on Friday and Saturday, April 28 – 29.  Please read the FAQs below for details about this year’s Gala and make your plans for attending!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I submitted artwork to apply for the Arts Gala. Now that I have been selected, do I have to bring those exact pieces of artwork?

It is a good idea to bring the same items submitted on your application along with other items of similar quality.

Q: How many pieces can I bring?

2D Artwork (anything that hangs on a wall) – Each artist will receive a 5’ horizontal by 7’ vertical wall space with fully adjustable suspension system for precise hanging. We recommend artists use wire hangers and have an assortment of pieces in different sizes to fill the space. This space can also accommodate display bins if you choose to display your artwork in that way. If you sell any of your 2D artwork during Arts Gala you are welcome to replace it with a similar-sized piece.

3D Artwork Each 3D artist will have a 2’x5′ table, one white tablecloth, and 10’x7′ floor space. Artwork must fit in this space. If you sell any of your 3D artwork during Arts Gala you are welcome to replace it with a similar-sized piece.

Q. How are sales handled?

Each artist is responsible for handling the sales of their merchandise. This means artists must be with their artwork throughout the Arts Gala weekend in order to conduct sales. Artists will decide what form of payment they will accept from the buyer.

Q. Do I need to provide wrapping and bags for sold merchandise?

You are welcome to bring your own bags and items for your merchandise that sells. 

Q. What is my exhibit fee?

The exhibit fee is a $100 booth fee per booth. The exhibit fees will go towards the library’s new PGTPL On The Go community outreach vehicle.

Q. Do I get to pick where my artwork is displayed?

No. Gallery space will be assigned to each artist based on need. If you have a special need for your artwork (such as electricity) please let us know by contacting

Q. What do I need to do to prepare my artwork for sale?

  1. 2D artists must have the artist’s name, title, and price on a title card affixed near the bottom right-hand corner of the piece. It is up to the artist to create the title cards and have them ready to be placed at the event. We recommend artists use wire hangers.


  1. 2D artists are responsible for preparing their own title cards. If the artist does not bring pre-made title cards, blank cards will be available at check-in for artists to handwrite the following information: 


Title of Piece


Artist Name



  1. 3D artists must have visible prices on their merchandise.

Q. What do I need to do before displaying my artwork?

Q. When can I set up my artwork?

Artwork may be set up between 9am – 5pm Friday, April 28. All artwork must be in place and ready for sale by 5pm Friday, April 28.

Q. What happens when I come to display my artwork?

  • 2D artwork will be hung by the artist along with a title card.
  • 3D artists will be shown their exhibit space and will set up their merchandise with a visible price tag.
  • Carts and ladders will be available for artists to use.

Q. What do I do with my packaging materials that I brought my artwork in over the weekend?

You are welcome to store your packaging materials in your vehicle or out of sight under your table if you have a 3D exhibit space. The library will not be able to store packaging material for artists. 

Q. Are RSVPs required for the Starlight Reception?

It is not necessary to RSVP. You, your friends, and your family are all welcome and encouraged to attend.

Q. Will the Library provide assistance with dropping off or picking up my artwork?

Unfortunately, due to reasons of liability, we are unable to provide this service.

Q. Do I need to stay with my artwork during the Starlight Reception and all day on Saturday?

Yes. All artists are responsible for handling the sale of their artwork at Arts Gala. Artists are responsible for their own inventory. The library is not responsible for lost or stolen inventory and cannot compensate for any losses. Your presence helps deter theft and gives potential buyers a chance to interact with the artist.

Q. What is the process for packing up my artwork?

All artwork must be removed by 5 p.m. on Saturday, April 29. Artists may pack up at 4pm and are responsible for packing up and transporting all unsold artwork. The library is not responsible for lost inventory.

Q. I want to share Arts Gala with my family and friends. How can I do that?

We will send out an email with a PDF poster for the event that you can print and post wherever you like. We realize most artists are on social media, so we will post images about the event on our social media, so that you can share these as well. You are welcome to like the library’s social media platforms:

Q. What if I have a special question not addressed here?

Email us! We are always happy to help.

Submit your art for Arts Gala 2022

Click the button below and fill out art submission form. Be sure to read the FAQs above and let us know if you have any questions by emailing

Funds raised this year at the Gala will go toward the library’s new PGTPL On the Go community outreach vehicle.

Brad Bickel, 2019 Signature Artist

Over the last seven years the Arts Gala fundraiser has:

Sold over $103,000 in local artwork

Raised over $31,000 for library projects

Partnered with over 50 community sponsors

Publicized in over 30 publications

Partnered with over 150 local artists

Drawn over 3,000 attendees  

2019 Signature Artwork

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