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August 2020 Teen Writing Club Prompts

August 2020 Teen Writing Club Prompts

Welcome to the August edition of Teen Writing Club. We have two prompts for you to consider this month.

Prompt One

August is International Peace Month. In 1926, August was designated as such to remember World War I and to prevent future conflicts. Since 1981, the United Nations observes International Day of Peace on September 21 every year. The theme for 2020 is “Shaping Peace Together” in the hope of inspiring compassion and kindness in the face of Covid-19.

There are numerous fiction and non-fiction books in Teen Central which talk about peace. For instance, the novel Cuckoo Song by Frances Hardinge centers on the history of World War I and the Roaring Twenties. It deals with the fallout of the war and a girl coping with the past in a story filled with fantasy elements, including a changeling.

You can write your own story about the need for peace. Use any armed conflict or socio-political conflict that threatens peace as your inspiration. Consider what peace means to you and tell your story to promote it.

Prompt Two

August is also National Sandwich Month. A recent book involving sandwiches is Tweet Cute, which is a YA romance about two teens whose families run competing sandwich shops. When one restaurant steals a family recipe for grilled cheese, a Twitter war is unleashed that unknowingly involves both of them.

Mix your favorite sandwich with a different genre to imagine what other stories can be told. For instance, you can write about the life of a delivery driver in outer space. Likewise, you can write a murder mystery where the weapon is a poisoned panini. You can even write a fantasy story about a quest for a mythical sandwich. There are endless short story possibilities, so find whatever fits your style and write to celebrate sandwiches!


We hope you write your own take on one or both of these prompts and share it with the world!


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