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Aunts and Uncles: Children’s Books

Aunts and Uncles: Children’s Books

Do you have an aunt or an uncle? For some kids, aunts and uncles are the ones who take care of them. For others, aunts and uncles hold a special place in the family and in their heart as well. Here are ten children’s books featuring this special relationship! This booklist also includes a book (Saying Good-Bye to Uncle Joe) about dealing with the loss of an uncle.

Picture Books

The Aunts Go Marching by Maurie Manning

Summary: Dressed in raincoats and carrying umbrellas, a platoon of aunts march through the rainy city streets led by a little girl with a drum in this cumulative rhyme.

Sugar in Milk by Thrity Umrigar

Summary: A young immigrant girl joins her aunt and uncle in a new country that is unfamiliar to her. She struggles with loneliness, with a fierce longing for the culture and familiarity of home, until one day, her aunt takes her on a walk. As the duo strolls through their city park, the girl’s aunt begins to tell her an old myth, and a story within the story begins.

Uncle John’s City Garden by Bernette G. Ford

Summary: While visiting her uncle John in the city for the summer, L’il Sissy, her siblings, and uncle transform an empty lot into a vegetable garden. Includes recipe for succotash.

Graphic Novels

My Aunt is a Monster by Reimena Yee

Summary: Safia thought that being blind meant she would only get to go on adventures through her audiobooks. This all changes when she goes to live with a distant and mysterious aunt, Lady Whimsy, who takes Safia on the journey of a lifetime!

Chapter Books

Lucinda’s Secret by Tony DiTerlizzi

Summary: With goblins, trolls, and the house boggart all trying to get them, the Grace children turn to Great Aunt Lucinda for help.

Heidi Heckelbeck Gets Glasses by Wanda Coven

Summary: When she gets glasses, Heidi’s friend Lucy gets a lot of attention at school, and eight-year-old Heidi decides that she must have glasses too, until her Aunt Trudy helps her to see that she really does not need them.

The Swag is in the Socks by Kelly J. Baptist

Summary: Twelve-year-old Xavier Moon gets the courage to step out of the shadows when his great-uncle gives him some outlandish socks and some even stranger requests.

Applesauce Weather by Helen Frost

Summary: When the first apple falls from the tree, Faith and Peter know that it’s applesauce weather, even though Peter is getting a little old for such things. It also means Uncle Arthur should be here to tell his stories, with a twinkle in his eye as he spins tales about how he came to have a missing finger. But this is the first year without Aunt Lucy, and when Uncle Arthur arrives, there’s no twinkle to be found and no stories waiting to be told. Faith is certain, though, that with a little love and patience, she and Peter might finally learn the truth about that missing finger.


Saying Good-Bye to Uncle Joe: What to Expect When Someone You Love Dies by Nancy Loewen

Summary: When someone you love dies, you might feel sad, lonely, and confused. What do you do? No matter who your loved one was, this story can help you through the tough times.

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