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Author Spotlight: Exploring the Works of Kaylnn Bayron

Author Spotlight: Exploring the Works of Kaylnn Bayron

Here in Teen Central, we have many amazing authors hidden in our selection. Today, we’ll be putting a spotlight on one of those authors: Kalynn Bayron! She is an award winning YA author, mainly focusing on representing her African American background. As a huge fan of horror movies, many of those elements find their way into her writings– making her a great gateway into the genre for younger readers!

Let’s take a look at her books in our collection!

This Poison Heart

The first in a spellbinding duology, This Poison Heart is a creative twist on Greek mythology. The story follows Briseis (also known as Bri), a young black woman who has the powers to make plants bloom with a single touch. When her aunt dies, Bri and her family leave their Brooklyn life behind for the summer, with Bri hoping to learn how to control her power. Instead, Bri stumbles upon an old curse and a dangerous group out to exploit her talents, and it’s up to her to protect her family.
This Wicked Fate, the sequel, is also available in Teen Central!


Cinderella Is Dead

It’s been 200 years since Cinderella’s happy ending– and no else is as lucky. Instead of natural matches, young girls are required to attend the Annual Ball, and hope they are chosen by men of the kingdom. Sophia, one of these many young girls, does not wish to marry a random man. She would rather stay with her childhood sweetheart, Erin. In a desperate attempt to avoid her fate, she meets Constance, the last known descendant of Cinderella. Together, they team up to learn the truth behind Cinderella’s fate– and take the kingdom down for good.


My Dear Henry: A Jekyll & Hyde Remix

My Dear Henry is a refreshing remix of the classic Jekyll & Hyde story. It follows Gabriel, a young man in 1880s London. After a scandal caused him, and his dearest friend Henry Jekyll, to be expelled from the London Medical School, Gabriel has been lost in life. He’s come back to London to find his friend, Henry, because the male has become distant and cold. In this pursuit, Gabriel meets Hyde, a mysterious, yet strangely familiar, man with a magnetic kind of charm. Hyde claims to be close with Henry, which causes Gabriel to grow jealous. However, the reason for his friend’s coldness may be only the first step to a greater mystery…


You’re Not Supposed To Die Tonight

Camp Mirror Lake is the premier horror experience. Based on the hit slasher movie, Curse of Camp Mirror Lake, Charity Curtis plays the best role possible, “Final Girl.” As the summer season winds down, however, the fear she’s been pretending to have becomes real. Coworkers begin to go missing, until one is discovered dead. Charity, and her girlfriend Bezi, must now work together to find the killer– and make it out alive.



-Written by Ajax, Teen Central Library Assistant


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