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Avoid Winter by Reading a Book

Avoid Winter by Reading a Book

It’s winter. It’s probably cold and snowy and windy. But then again, this is Indiana, so the weather is probably just plain strange. Here are some exciting upcoming books to keep you warm and cozy inside.


The Thrill of Being a Trophy Wife…

Dead to Her by Sarah Pinborough: Marcie thinks she has finally escaped her bleak past in Idaho. After breaking up Jason Maddox’s first marriage, she is now Mrs. Maddox, with all the trappings of mansions, country clubs, and the right social set. But when Jason’s 65-year-old boss, recent widower William Radford IV,  returns from London with his 22-year-old stunning bride, Keisha, Marcie’s status as the alpha wife seems uncertain. And is Jason flirting with Keisha? As the novel unfolds, alternating between each woman’s perspective, we learn that the husbands may not be the prizes they initially seem to be. The intricately woven mystery elevates this novel from a soapy tale of gossip to a spine-tingling thriller!

New Author Alert!

Everywhere You Don’t Belong by Gabriel Bump: Claude is a dreamer. In his Chicago neighborhood, he is often labeled as soft. When his mother abandons him, Claude is raised by his defiant, life-affirming grandmother and her companion, Paul. Steeped in memories of the civil rights era, they are determined to do right by Claude despite their own dubious life choices. After the questionable killing of a young child by police, the community reaches a crisis point. Big Columbus, a local drug dealer-cum-community hero, stands up to the police. Facing “violent wrongs” on both sides, citizens are caught in the middle. As soon as he can, Claude flees to college in Missouri, but Chicago’s South Shore maintains its grip as he learns that the same “racist social structure loom like malevolent skyscrapers” there, too. Despite the heavy topic, Bump adds quite a bit of humor and heart to this story – especially in Claude, the unforgettable protagonist.

A Book You can Binge?

The Holdout by Graham Moore: Ten years ago, defense attorney Maya Seale served on the jury of the high-profile murder trial of a teacher accused of killing one of his students. Believing the teacher innocent, Maya swayed fellow jurors to her side and they eventually reached an acquittal. On the anniversary of the trial, the jurors are reunited for a documentary and one of the group, who has since recanted and is searching for new evidence of the teacher’s guilt, is found dead in Maya’s hotel room. Now on the run, she must use all of her skills to find out who killed the juror and uncover the secrets in the long-stagnant case. Academy Award-winning screenwriter of The Imitation Game serves up a legal thriller that almost reads like a binge-worthy television show.

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