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Book review: Artemis Fowl

Book review: Artemis Fowl


In the first installment of the Artemis Fowl series, written by Eoin Colfer, we meet a 12-year-old criminal mastermind named Artemis, who wants nothing more than to restore his family’s fortune. He is the sole head of the Fowl empire, which was passed down to him through multiple generations. Artemis stumbles upon a fairy world and believes he can prove the existence of fairies. He then travels to the city of Ho Chi Minh to obtain The Book of People with his bodyguard/ butler. As Artemis uncovers the secrets of the book, he discovers a ritual that could potentially rid the fairies of all their magic and in doing so replenish his family’s name and wealth.  

During his adventure, Artemis starts out as an evil genius, but as you continue to read, the book peels back multiple layers and dives into a past that has shaped Artemis as a person. He battles greed and a constant struggle of good vs. evil not only with himself but also in the fairy world. Eventually he just may discover that status and wealth aren’t everything they’re cracked up to be!

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