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Bookish Travel: Teen Novels Set in Different Countries

Bookish Travel: Teen Novels Set in Different Countries

Looking to travel the world, but don’t quite have the means yet? The library may be in just one place, but it contains novels set all over the world! Take a look at these globe-trotting reads:


Only a MonsterOnly a Monster by Vanessa Len

Great Britain

The tale of a monstrous girl and her journey to protect her family- Joan lives in an urban fantasy version of Great Britain! Author Vanessa Len weaves a tale of betrayal and love in this unique kind of story where the protagonist is not the hero.


Strike the ZitherStrike the Zither by Joan He


Taking place during the Xin Dynasty, Strike The Zither, takes readers on a tour of historic China. Author Joan He reimagined one of the Four Classics of Chinese Literature, Three Kingdoms, into this high stakes novel.


Love & GelatoLove & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch


Lina is attempting to reconnect with an absentee father after her mother’s recent death. In her journey, she discovers there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to why her father disappeared for sixteen years- and the relationship between him and her mother.


The Guilded WolvesThe Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi


Set in late 1880s France, an unlikely group is formed to hunt down an ancient artifact in the city of Paris. Comprising of a few colorful characters, who knows what they’ll find when they dig into the dark underbelly of the city…


Wicked FoxWicked Fox by Kat Cho


Modern-day Seoul is the perfect place for Miyoung, a gumiho, to hide. Blending Korean mythology of nine-tailed foxes and romance, Kat Cho creates an engaging read for fans of fantasy and folklore.


Between Shades of GreyBetween Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys


Set during the Soviet occupation of Lithuania, Between Shades of Gray, tells the story of a young Lithuanian girl forced to work in a Soviet labor camp in Siberia. At great risk to her safety, she tells her story through her art, documenting her harrowing experiences.


Bridge of ClayBridge of Clay by Markus Zusak


Author Markus Zusak tells the story of a broken, yet close, Australian family in Bridge of Clay. The titular Clay Dunbar does his best to keep his five brothers close as they navigate the adult world after the disappearance of their father.


Ikenga by Nnedi Okorafor


Taking place in Kenya, Nnedi Okorafor’s Ikenga tells the story of twelve year-old Nnamdi as he investigates the murder of his police chief father. With the gift of a magical object, he may just be able to fulfill his new mission…


The Blossom and the FireflyThe Blossom and the Firefly by Sherri L. Smith


Sherri L. Smith’s The Blossom and The Firefly takes place in WWII-era Japan– and follows the tale of two unlikely lovers during this trying time. It is eight days until Taro must die for his country, until Hana loses the only one she has ever loved.


Pretty Furious by E.K. Johnston


Pretty Furious follows five Canadian girls as they exact revenge against the prejudiced people in their small Ontario town. Using their privilege like a weapon, these girls bring their own sense of justice to those who do wrong.


– Written by Ajax, Teen Central Library Assistant

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