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Booklist: Crafting for Kids

Booklist: Crafting for Kids


Children’s creativity is boundless and worth celebrating! Not only are they engaging in a hobby that’s fun for them, but by following step-by-step instructions that comes with crafting, they are improving their reading, fine motor, problem-solving, and literacy skills. Below, we have listed eight specialized crafting books that can spark your child’s imagination or perhaps help them find a new hobby that they can carry with them throughout their lives!

The Cardboard Box Book by Danny Walsh

“Since the beginning of time, parents have known that there is no point buying Junior a fabulous, expensive toy; Junior always dismisses the toy and plays instead with the cardboard box it came in. Now The Cardboard Box Book celebrates that spirit by showing Junior (and his parents) exactly how to turn cardboard boxes of all sizes into amazing craft projects, toys, and games. Make an airplane, a tepee, a climbing wall for your action figure, a magnetic fishing game, a coat of arms, or a drum kit. With a little more time, Junior and an adult friend can create their own zoo, playhouse, or aquarium. Amusing text and practical directions make thinking outside the box a breeze!” -Watson-Guptill (publisher)

Paper Crafts by Gini Holland

“Paper is one of the easiest items to recycle. It is also the basis for a multitude of projects. This volume will walk readers through six projects. Each is broken into simple steps made even clearer with photos that will soon have young artists transforming paper into cool crafts. Also encourages environmental awareness through recycling.” – PowerKids Press (publisher)

Nature Crafts by Ruth Owen

“Nature provides us with some of the most beautiful items to transform into even more beautiful crafts. Six projects allow readers to explore their creativity and learn skills that will last a lifetime. A great title for individual or group project use.” – PowerKids Press (publisher)

Easy Clay Crafts in 5 Steps by Anna Llimós Plomer & Anna Llimós

“Would you like to make easy crafts? Now you can! Make each of these crafts in just five steps. Get your materials together and sharpen your imagination. Let’s go! In EASY CLAY CRAFTS IN 5 STEPS, make your own crafty crab or space creature. You can even make a snake, a flower vase, a fish-shaped tray, and more!” – Enslow Elementary/Enslow (publisher)

Awesome Craft Stick Science by Tammy Enz

“Readers can use craft sticks to perform cool experiments and create fun science-related projects. Who knew science could be so fun and so memorable?” – Capstone (publisher)

Eye Candy: Crafting Cool Candy Creations by Dana Meaucen Rau

“Candy isn’t just for eating anymore. Learn to use all kinds of candies to create delicious decor, magical creatures, and much more. Your friends will want to take a picture of their trendy treat … before they devour it!” – Capstone (publisher)


Creative Crafts for Kids: Over 100 Projects for Two to Ten Year Olds by Gill Dickinson & Cheryl Owen

“Gill Dickinson and Cheryl Owen-both authors of many popular crafts books-have teamed up to create a volume jam-packed with more than 100 stimulating projects (plus variations) for 2- to 10-year-olds. Designed to maximize children’s imaginations, these activities provide plenty of space for kids to stretch their own creative muscles. Little hands will happily keep busy creating and crafting with everything from enjoyably messy clays and paints to fabrics, beads, and other materials. A jazzy t-shirt, fancy cake, or hand-painted wrapping paper: it’s here, with easy-to-follow instructions and templates to help kids along.” – Octopus Books (publisher)

Sewing Simple Softies with 17 Amazing Designers by Trixie Symonds & Deborah Fisher

“This book brings together 17 Sew a Softie designers from around the world. Each designer has come up with a delightful new hand-sewn project to inspire moms, dads, kids, grandparents, and teachers of all kinds. No expensive machines are required, and each project uses stitches and techniques that can easily be mastered by first-time sewers. Get together with kids and enjoy time together sewing a wide range of softies, including a Taco, a Painted Flower, a Tooth Tiger, Bluey Koala, a Toucan, Seashells, Lucky Spiders, and many more. Sew a Softie is a worldwide community that works to teach a whole new generation to sew, and to transmit a love of sewing and an appreciation of its enormous potential to nurture creativity, independence, and a sense of community in our children. Sew a Softie events have inspired thousands of people, especially young children, to begin sewing.” – Schiffer Publishing (publisher)

Continue promoting children’s learning and creativity through trying new crafts and hobbies that are sure to inspire! Check out these books or other similar titles next time you visit the Children’s Room at Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library. Happy crafting!


Written by Ryan F., Youth Services Library Assistant

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