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Books by Black Authors You Should Read

Books by Black Authors You Should Read

February is Black History Month! This is usually a time to read about the historic accomplishments and contributions made by Black people in medicine, culture, science, business, and social justice. It’s also a time to learn about the struggles they faced due to slavery, and still face today due to racial inequality and injustice. These topics are fantastic and the library absolutely encourages you to learn more about them. If that’s what you are interested in, ProQuest has a spectacular site to explore all kinds of resources on Black History!

Black Authors

This year we want to shine a spotlight on Black authors. Fortunately, we have seen an increase in published authors of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities in recent years. Here is a selection of some of the wonderful voices we have been able to add to our collection. We have fantasy, action, romance and comedy. We even have a cozy mystery! There is beautifully written literary fiction, and even a true classic. We have something for everyone, so check them out!



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