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Bridgerton Read-alikes

Bridgerton Read-alikes

Bridgerton was one of the biggest Netflix hits of 2021 with over 82 million households across the world watching the series. The show reawakened a love for the Regency Romance genre, with many people falling in love with the whole Bridgerton family. Better yet, season 2 releases on March 25th!

If you’ve finished reading the Bridgerton series and are looking to give another regency romance a shot, try one of our picks below. Click on the book title to place a hold on a physical copy through the Evergreen Catalog.

Mr. Malcolm’s List, Suzanne Allain

The Honorable Mr. Jeremy Malcolm has been searching for a wife for years now, but no one has come close to meeting his list of qualifications. In comes Selina, a vicar’s daughter who becomes unwillingly embroiled in a revenge plot against Mr. Malcolm. The two might be a well-suited pair, but will Selina be able to break down Mr. Malcolm’s barriers and unattainable standards so they can be together?

A Duke, the Lady, and a Baby, Vanessa Riley 

Busick Strathmore, the new Duke of Repington, hires a nanny for his late cousin’s child. Little does he know, Patience Jordan was the late duke’s wife and lost everything when she questioned her husband’s mysterious suicide. Now the nanny to her own son, Patience must break past Busick’s defenses to discover the truths of the past and build a new future.

A Defense of Honor, Kristi Ann Hunter

After turning her back on London society, Kit FitzGilbert vowed to never step foot in a ballroom again. However, ten years later, business and a threat against her life bring Kit back to the London ballrooms and into Lord Wharton’s arms. As much as she wants to confide in the dashing man, is Kit willing to risk Lord Wharton’s life by doing so?

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