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Celebrate Soul Food at PGTPL on February 25th

Celebrate Soul Food at PGTPL on February 25th

If you love to cook (or just eat!), then the Cookbook Book Club is one that you will enjoy. This informal group meets at the library every other month, with each person bringing a dish to share from a chosen theme. We put out all of the dishes for everyone to sample and then, after eating, we discuss the recipes. Each person who attends receives a copy of the recipes to take home, and  a dish of leftovers. Upcoming themes include: Soul Food on Tuesday, February 25 and Cheap Eats on Tuesday, April 14th.

Use websites, television programs, or books for recipe ideas. The library has a continually growing collection of books to choose from. Sign up for Wowbrary to receive a weekly email of new titles that have been added (books and eBooks). Access these resources from home: AtoZ Food America and AtoZ World Food. Both contain tons of recipes and cooking tips. Choose a recipe by visiting the Soul Food Cuisine page, and join us for the Cookbook Book Club on Tuesday, February 25th!

Please email your recipe to Jo Sibley ahead of time.

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