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Children’s Books about Pet Care

Children’s Books about Pet Care

It’s important to teach children how to look after our furry, feathered, and scaly friends! According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, a child who regularly interacts with animals develops social skills, nonverbal communication skills, self-confidence, empathy, compassion, and a sense of responsibility. Reading about how to take care of a pet can help a child prepare for their new responsibility. The following book list contains both fiction and nonfiction books on the subject of pet care and first pets.

Picture Books

I Am Dog! and I Am Cat! by Peter Bently 

Both books show a day in the life of a dog and a cat, respectively. They show the fun parts of owning either animal, like cuddles and playtime. But they also show the troubles, such as cats scratching things, dogs making messes, etc. The picture books show children that owning a pet isn’t all fun and games, but that it’s still worth it in the end. The colorful illustrations and cute rhymes also make the books entertaining reads!


Caring For a Pet by Lois Fortuna

This is a guide for young children on what it means to care for a pet, providing them facts and advice on how to keep their new animal friend as healthy and happy as can be. It also teaches them that pet care is a big responsibility, and that they need to step up and help out to ensure that their pet has the best life possible. Seeing as how the book is a general guide, the last page includes a bibliography that can help readers find more information on how to care for specific animals.

My First Puppy by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

“Find out what it is like to get a new puppy in this beginning reader by Biscuit creator Alyssa Satin Capucilli. What will it be like? You will teach your puppy to sit, take it on walks, feed it, pick up after it, learn to pet it gently, and most of all,love it very much! Young readers will love seeing photographs of kids their age take care of puppies in this adorable introduction to pet ownership that includes a special section in the back with even more information about having a pet!” 

As the quote states, this book provides young children with the information they need to take care of one of America’s most popular pets.

Can I Keep It? Small Pets Guide: 39 Cool, Easy-to-Care-for Insects, Reptiles, Mammals, Amphibians, and More by Tanguy

“The author presents 39 pets, many of them considered ‘exotic’, and discusses what makes these pets unique, where they come from, and how to care for them, including proper habitat and feeding.” 

This book is great for anyone who wants to start their child off with a small, tamer pet. It covers proper care for crabs, crayfish, millipedes, spiders, various insects, rodents, frogs, newts, geckos, snakes, fish, and other species.

Pets and Their People by Jess French

“The ultimate guide to caring for animals– whether you have one or not!” 

The author, veterinarian Dr. Jess French, provides all the information that your child will need to know about animal care, whether you’re considering getting them a pet or not. The book teaches that each animal has different needs and that some are more high-maintenance than others, but that they are all worthy of love, as well as capable of returning that love. Parents can learn a thing or two from the book as well, including tell-tale signs that one’s pet isn’t healthy or how to treat infant animals at different stages of maturity. 



Written by Lindsay C., Youth Services Library Assistant

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