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Citizen Science Month with SciStarter

Citizen Science Month with SciStarter

April is Citizen Science Month! Curious individuals of any age can act as amateur scientists to collect data on topics of interest, such as biology, ecology, health, transportation, and more. This data is then used by professional scientists who conduct important research that affects local, national, and global communities. Contributing to scientific research can be as easy as taking pictures of the plants and animals you see in your backyard and making observations about them. You don’t need any prior experience to be a citizen scientist, only a desire to help advance scientific knowledge!


Introducing SciStarter


SciStarter is a free online database that connects interested individuals from around the world to thousands of citizen science projects and events. You can use the database’s advanced search to find projects based on your location, age, and interests. You can also search for projects to do at home, online, or outdoors. 

Once you find a project that sounds interesting, read its description to find out what kinds of actions you will be taking and what materials/technologies will be required. Some projects include guides that provide further information, like how to identify certain plants or animal species.


Spend some time exploring SciStarter and become a citizen scientist today. Your contributions can make a world of difference!


We have a book for that!


These nonfiction books in Teen Central might come in handy as you begin your citizen science journey:

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