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Creative Writing Tips for Kids

Creative Writing Tips for Kids

It goes without saying that storytelling is perhaps one of the most important traditions that has been passed down through the generations of many cultures. Whether it be oral or written, stories and histories have been kept in the hearts of people because they have been told these stories and histories.
Written storytelling, also known as creative writing, is sometimes seen as something that only a few people can truly grasp. In actuality, anyone who wants to try writing can do so.
So, let’s say you’re interested in writing. Where do you start? Sometimes, it can be a little difficult to figure it out. Here are some tips and tricks to start writing a story you’re interested in telling!

Creative Writing Steps

Have an Idea

“Having an Idea” seems like silly thing to mention, but this is perhaps the most important thing that comes with writing a story. Just know that your idea doesn’t have to be completely thought-out yet. Writing in itself is a form of thinking. In other words, you can always think as you write and write as you think.


For some people, it helps to have a clear understanding of how the story gets from the beginning to the end, and outlining can help with that. However, don’t get caught up in outlining, or else you may never get around to writing the story itself.


Of course, you plan on writing if you’re writing a story, but that being said, sometimes, we can be tempted to go back and read and change things as we’re writing. Try to avoid changing things until you’ve written your story entirely.

Read Other Books

Sometimes, people fear that if we read someone else’s work, we will accidentally adapt what we’ve read into what we’ve written. However, if you read, you can always pick up amazing things you might not have figured out without reading. And that’s great! It means you’re reading as a writer, which allows you to keep learning how to be a better writer.


You’ve worked hard to write what you’ve written, so don’t be afraid to share it with other people. Give people the chance to read what you wrote, and give yourself the chance to be heard!
Hopefully, these simple tips help as you start writing!

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