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Don’t Miss the New Movies!

Don’t Miss the New Movies!

Shelves of new DVDs and Blu-rays for kids

When you’re picking DVDs and Blu-rays in the Children’s Room, have you spotted the newest movies for kids? They’re shelved with the new materials, and we want to be sure you can find them – so you can choose from everything that’s available!

As you come into the room, there are movies on the right and new books on the left. That kiosk on the left is where we feature all the newest materials. Go around to the back and ta-da! There they are, new movies.

If you haven’t walked around the movie kiosk on the right, the informational movies are on the back. So if your child wants to learn to speak a new language, or wants to learn more about animals, history, or whatever, check there to see if we have a movie about it.


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