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Exploring the Final Frontier: Books about Space

Exploring the Final Frontier: Books about Space

Space and all its components have been studied for centuries. From the first telescopes to the most detailed photos of far-away planets, people study space because so little is known about it. We know it’s a vacuum. We know there are planets. But every day, we discover more and more about outer space, and share more information with people all around the world. If you’re interested in learning more about space and the related fields of study, here are a few books that you might want to read. 

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Constellations by Patricia Daniels

Constellations is an astronomy handbook of all sorts of different constellations you can find in the night sky. You can learn what all those starry shapes are and how to identify them at night, perfect for a stargazing outing!

Sally Ride and the Shuttle Missions by Andrew Langley

If you’re more interested in learning the basics of what astronauts have to do to prepare for space, then Sally Ride and the Shuttle Missions might be of interest to you. This book about the first woman astronaut includes information about her life and what it was like for her to blast into space.

Space, Stars, and the Beginning of Time: What the Hubble Telescope Saw by Elaine Scott

Space, Stars, and the Beginning of Time indeed focuses on those titular topics, while equally looking into the invention of the first telescope and how telescopes have improved over the centuries and the creation of black holes and planets. If anything, this book talks about the evolution of space study and how the way we’ve learned about space has changed over time!

Planets: An Incredible Journey Through Our Solar System by Penelope Arlon and Tory Gordon-Harris

Planets not only focuses on the planets found in our solar system but also the other objects we might find, like asteroids and comets, and it also includes information about space travel, space suits, and the possibility of life on other planets. There’s a lot to love in this book, lots of pictures, and lots of information written in an easily digestible format.

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