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Favorite New Picture Books and Early Readers

Favorite New Picture Books and Early Readers

We are always adding new books to our collection in the Children’s Room! Here are some recent favorite picture books and early readers.

Picture Books

The perfect pigeons are all alike, except for that one who is happy to be different. Maybe the other pigeons could be happy being a little different too? A funny and welcome take on the idea of being yourself.
More than anything, Fallon wants to carry the big basket to market on her head. It’s heavy and wobbly, and crashes down more than once. She watches others and listens to advice. Then carefully, slowly, she is the one who walks home with the food-laden panye on her head.
A young girl feels embarrassed when her parents stop the car and harvest wild watercress to cook. But then the experience becomes a new tradition when her mother tells a story about her childhood in China. Life was very, very hard then, and finding watercress meant eating.

Early Reader

Sloth moves slowly and thinks he and Bat can be friends. Bat is fast and is sure they can’t. Can two such different creatures enjoy spending time together? As they learn about each other, they share the same branch, have fun, and even rescue each other from danger. Bat and Sloth Hang Around is a perfect book for beginning readers!


Look for the newest books and other materials on this display unit right inside the door of the Children’s Room. You’re sure to find something you and your family will enjoy!

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