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Feel Good Reads part 3

Feel Good Reads part 3

Like a bubbly glass of champagne (or sparkling apple cider if you prefer)…

Sometimes we need a book about witty, sassy characters and Abby Jimenez has us covered. With only two books under her belt, Jimenez has already established herself as a hotly popular romantic comedy author. Populating her books with relatable characters, Jimenez makes you feel like you are reading a story about your friends. Below are her two books, both of which are available on Libby.

Abby Jimenez’s Books

The Friend Zone

Kristen Petersen is the sarcastic, yet fiercely loyal friend you’ve always wanted. She prefers directness and has little patience for drama.  And yet she is harboring a big secret: facing a medical procedure that will make it impossible to have children. Not ready to talk about it, and deciding she doesn’t have time for romance in her life anyway, Kristen focuses on planning her best friend’s wedding. But then she meets Josh, the best man, who is incredibly funny, appreciates her sarcasm, and makes killer chicken enchiladas. Even Kristen’s dog likes him! But Josh wants a big family and her infertility will make that impossible. Deciding that he is better off with someone else, Kristen intentionally puts herself in the Friend Zone; only, the more she is around Josh, the deeper they fall in love, until finally they both have very important decisions to make. Word of warning: be prepared to grab a tissue because Jimenez approaches the topic of infertility in a heartfelt, yet realistic way. Despite that, you will find yourself laughing at times and feeling beautifully warm by the end.


The Happily Ever After Playlist

Sloane Monroe tragically lost her fiancé two years ago and is still struggling to get her life back on track. Before, she was a vivacious painter with a passion for life. Now she is a former shell of herself and only seems to find comfort when visiting her beloved’s grave. One her way to one of those visits, a golden blur of fur dashes in front of her car. In a panic, she slams on her brakes and checks to make sure she didn’t run over the poor animal. When she gets out of the car to check, the dog jumps through her sunroof, giving her the most adorable take-me-home look she’s ever seen. She tries to reach the dog’s owner, but weeks go by with no answer. Eventually, Sloane settles in with her new pet, named Tucker, and through his companionship, she begins to feel alive again. But then the worst happens – Tucker’s owner, Jason, a musician touring in Australia, contacts her. While he is grateful to Sloane for rescuing his dog, he would like Tucker back once he returns to the U.S. Not wanting to give up the first happiness she has felt in years (and also not comfortable with the idea that Tucker might be left alone again) Sloane sends him a text message in an effort to  get to know him better. Through their text conversations, Sloane comes to realize how much Jason does love Tucker, but also how important his fledgling music career is to him. All the while, their texts are turning from friendly to flirty. Their connection deepens once they start calling each other. Sloane even thinks she’s really falling for Jason. Then Jason does the unexpected: he asks Sloane to go on tour with him. As thrilled as she is that this interesting man she has connected with so deeply wants to make her a part of his life, Sloane just isn’t sure she’s ready to take a chance on having her heart broken a second time. Again, you may want to keep the tissues nearby as Jimenez doesn’t shy away from the grieving process. But stay with it to read an amazing story about two wonderful and enduring characters.


Both of these books are available in eBook and audiobook format.

Feel-Good Books

We all need a pick-me-up every now and then. This series of Feel-Good reads will help you discover fun authors whose books we hope will leave you just a little bit happier after you finish reading them. This is the first in a series of Reader’s Advisory suggestions. Watch for more of Lauren’s Feel Good Author Suggestions. 

Lauren McPike is the Cataloger at PGTPL and also a voracious reader. One of her favorite things to do is recommend books to people. You can find more of her book and author suggestions on PGTPL’s podcast or you can email her through the library’s May We Suggest page to get a customized list of recommendations from her and other staff members featured on the page.

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