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Five Paranormal Young Adult Novels

Five Paranormal Young Adult Novels

If you have a craving for something a little weird this winter, consider picking up one of these paranormal young adult novels! From witches to El Cuco, historical fiction to modern stories, there are plenty of options to choose. They are all available at the Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library.

1.) When the Sky Fell on Splendor by Emily Henry

After a steel mill explosion in Splendor, Ohio, six teenagers band together to become The Ordinary, investigating local ghost stories and legends. While filming an adventure for YouTube one evening they see something fall from the sky. The mystery behind this incident will change everything in the small town.

2.) The Raven’s Tale by Cat Winters

If you like the stories of Edgar Allen Poe, then try this fictionalized account of a seventeen-year-old Poe.  His foster family’s only desire for Poe is that he be practical. But he has bigger dreams: attending a prestigious university and marrying Elmira Royster. But before he embarks on his journey he comes across a macabre muse named Lenore, who plants ideas in his mind that will shape his future writing.


3.) The Price Guide to the Occult by Leslye Walton

Nor Blackburn is the youngest in a line of female witches on Anathema Island in the Pacific Northwest. She bears a curse dating back a hundred years, that prevents her from having a loving relationship. Her ancestor Rona Blackburn put a curse on other settlers on the island, but it affected her descendants as well. Nor lives with her grandmother, but eventually her mother returns with a mysterious book which offers to cast any spell for a price. Her return causes havoc and will change Nor’s life forever.


4.) Five Midnights by Ann Dávila Cardinal

Lupe Dávila is a teenager from Vermont who travels to Puerto Rico to visit family. While in Puerto Rico, she befriends a boy named Javier Utierre. But everything changes when people begin to turn up murdered and Lupe and Javier try to solve the mystery. What they uncover appears to deal with Puerto Rican myths and legends rather than the real world. Will Lupe and Javier be able to solve the case?

5.) The Ghost Collector by Allison Mills

Shelly catches ghosts and helps them transition from earth to the next stop on their journey. But after her mother dies, she begins to hoard ghosts rather than help them move on. But despite her hopes, the one ghost who does not show up is her mother’s. Inspired by Cree culture and the life story of the author’s great-grandmother, this book deals with grief and loss in an original way.

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