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Free Online Games

Free Educational Games PreK-5th – Free, educational computer games that cover language and math.

MrNussbaum:  All ages – Famous for its 300 + online games, but also features thousands of interactives, fascinating articles, printables, and coloring pages, all organized by subject.

Smithsonian For Kids: All ages – Educational resource that allows children to become scientists by solving puzzles, exploring photographs, and deciphering documents. The Smithsonian for Kids page also includes games and a blog guiding young people through STEM-related projects along with a lot of fun facts they might find interesting.

Coolmath Games: All ages – Thousands of strategy, logic, trivia and numbers games for everyone to explore. All of the games have been carefully selected to be both fun to play and mentally stimulating. Good option if the child wants ‘fun games’ as many of the skills are hidden within the games. Ages 13+ – offers math learning — lessons, tools and learning that are easy to grasp on topics like algebra, pre-calculus and more.

Coolmath4Kids: Ages 13 and under – Tons of math, games, and more, designed to teach math and make it FUN.

Math Game Time: PreK-7th – Free math games.

Math Playground: K-6th – A fun way to practice math facts, learn a wide variety of math topics, from problem solving and mathematical art to real world math, and thinking games.

PBS Kids Games: Ages 2-8 – Featuring your kids’ favorite characters and covering science, math, and reading.

Prodigy Math: 1st-8th – A math game for kids.

Prodigy English: 1st-8th – An English game for kids.

Scholastic Games Home Base: Ages 8+ – Scholastic Home Base is a safe, free 3D interactive world dedicated to keeping kids engaged with favorite stories through book-based games, live author events, and a large community of readers.

Sesame Street Games: Ages 2-5 – Fun games featuring your favorite Sesame Street characters.

Seussville: PreK-4th – A place to play games and read stories based on the characters of Dr. Seuss. PreK-High School – Provides math games and review in all subjects.

Ten Frame Game: PreK-2nd – An interactive ten frame by the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics.

Turtle Diary: PreK-5th – Free educational games that includes typing, letters and reading, and math games.

CBC Kids: Ages 6-10 – Play free online games, watch videos from CBC Kids and Studio K, take fun personality quizzes and polls.

National Geographic Kids –  Pre-K-8th – Kid-friendly science and social studies info via videos, games, and more.

Funbrain : Pre-K-8th – Funbrain offers hundreds of games, books, comics, and videos that develop skills in math, reading, problem-solving and literacy.

Lego – K-5th – There’s a selection of kid-friendly video games, creative projects, and puzzles — most of which have little to do with the basic principle of Legos, though one downloadable feature does allow you to build stuff using digital Lego blocks.

Cartoon Network: Ages 6 to 12 – Play free online games with all your favorite characters – like Ben 10, Teen Titans Go!, Gumball, Adventure Time, and more! You can play all types of games online including sports, action, arcade and adventure games for kids!

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