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Get Outside this Spring

Get Outside this Spring

It is very easy to get comfortable with just sitting on the couch. 

From binge watching Netflix to zoning out during screen time, we often resemble zombies more than humans. But the seasons of spring and early summer offer us ample opportunities to get out and enjoy a little bit of fresh air. In fact, the month of April is filled with plenty of excuses to get outside!

April 1-3

According to, the first Saturday of every month is National Play Outside Day. This is the perfect chance to get out and play a little basketball, ride a bike, or just throw a ball around with your favorite furry friend. Furthermore, Monday, April 3, is National Find a Rainbow Day. And how will you know what is at the end of YOUR rainbow if you don’t simply get out and look?

April 14

As April 14 comes around, so does National Garden Day and National Look Up at the Sky Day. Mid-April is the perfect time to plant a couple of flower seeds, and then you can round out the day by identifying the Big Dipper constellation in the night sky!

April 22-30

Finally, April 22 is Earth Day, and there are so many things to do that planned especially for this day! There is a huge festival in downtown Indianapolis that is perfect for the entire family. This day also kicks off National Park week, which is celebrated until April 30. Although there is not a national park right around the city, there are a number of state parks in Indiana, including McCormick’s Creek State Park, Fort Harrison State Park, and White River State Park.

Check out these recommendations for outdoor fun!


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