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Graphic Novels for Kids – Moving!

Graphic Novels for Kids – Moving!

Graphic Novel books are super popular, and we have a lot of them at the library, for kids, teens, and adults.

If you are unfamiliar with graphic novels for kids, here’s a quick how-to from the book Down on the Farm in the My 1st Graphic Novel series.

In the Children’s Room, they have been tucked away by the art and cartooning books, and we have walked countless kids over to them as the section grew and flourished. Now they are moving to a new, easier-to-find location at the end of the south wall as a separate collection. As we write this, most of them have been changed in the catalog, gotten a new spine label, and moved to the new location. The rest are in the original location or on a cart being changed over. In short, you may need to ask for help finding them right now, and we are always fine with helping you find what you are looking for!


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