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Hidden Figures in History

Hidden Figures in History

Hidden Figures, a bestselling novel and award-winning film, tells the story of the “West Computing” group, the exceptionally talented African American women whose manual calculations sent John Glenn into orbit. Join us in celebrating five years since the novel’s release by learning about other incredible hidden figures from history. Click on the book title to place a hold on a physical copy through the Evergreen Catalog.


My Remarkable Journey, Katherine G. Johnson

Learn more about the woman at the heart of Hidden Figures. Katherine Johnson was a child prodigy, shocking many with her incredible mathematical skills. As an adult, Johnson became an integral part of NASA’s mission to put a man on the moon. Follow Johnson’s journey from the mountains of West Virginia to the NASA campus and her mission to “go higher.”


Irena’s Children, Tilar J. Mazzeo

Irena Sendler, a polish humanitarian and social worker, helped over 2,500 Jewish children escape Nazi-occupied Poland during World War II. Sendler forged documents and helped place these children with families or in care facilities, making their caretakers promise to return the children to their families after the war.


Enchantress of Numbers: a novel of Ada Lovelace, Jennifer Chiaverini

The daughter of a Romantic poet and a mathematician, Ada Lovelace was raised with math and science instead of fairy tales. During her introduction to London society, Lovelace meets a charming inventor who sets off her destiny as the “mother” of computers.


The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot

During cancer treatment, one of Henrietta Lacks’ doctors took a sample of the tumor and sent it off to a researcher. Her cells duplicated so quickly they were essentially immortal, securing their place as a pivotal foundation for medical research for years to come. Learn more about Henrietta’s story and how her immortal cells sparked a conversation about ethics and justice within medical research.



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