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Holidays with Hallmark

Holidays with Hallmark

Written by Ellie A., Adult Services Library Assistant

This holiday season, there are even more ways to relax and indulge in a cozy Hallmark romance. The heartwarming stories you loved are now available as books! With the same Hallmark attention to storytelling, the selections below will bring you new characters, relationships, and romances that will brighten your day and leave you feeling good about life. Each book also includes an original recipe inspired by the story! Click on a book title to place a hold on a physical copy through the Evergreen catalog.

A Down Home Christmas, Liz Talley

Country music star Kris Trabeau heads to Charming, Mississippi, to convince his aging aunt to sell her farm and move into a retirement community. She, however, won’t have it and enlists her neighbor Tory Odom to help her remind Kris why the farm means so much, especially at Christmas.

After being dumped by her longtime boyfriend, Tory’s not feeling the holiday spirit. Still, she agrees to co-chair a children’s concert and silent auction to benefit the after-school center where she volunteers. As Kris helps her with the concert and spends time with the kids, their attraction to each other becomes harder and harder to ignore. Can he trade spotlights and city lights for the place where the music began?

Christmas at the Amish Market, Shelly Shepard Gray

Wesley is so busy running his family’s Amish market during the holidays that he barely has time for Liesl, the young woman he’s been courting for years. When Liesl suggests her aunt Jenny could help him, he agrees, but she neglects to mention her aunt is only twenty-six years old and as charming as she is hard-working.

Jenny welcomes the distraction of working at the market after a painful breakup, and she soon realizes Wesley is everything she ever dreamed a man could be. But how can Jenny even consider romance with the man Liesl expects to marry?



Mistletoe in Juneau, Dahlia Rose

Danni is a social media influencer way out of her element. After breaking up with her boyfriend-slash-manager, she decides to escape fast-paced L.A. for a Christmas in Juneau, Alaska with an old friend. When she stops to take in the beautiful scenery and warmth of the community, Danni is immediately drawn to the local sheriff.

Before Declan was the sheriff, he was in the Army. An IED explosion cost him not only his leg but also a fiancée who couldn’t deal with the injury. Declan knows Danni’s a city girl, while he loves the Alaskan wilderness. Could two very different people find what their hearts are looking for?



On Christmas Avenue: A Feel-Good Small-Town Romance, Ginny Baird

Evan, the county sheriff, knows that businesses are struggling in the small town of Clark Creek. But unlike the mayor, who happens to be his mother, Evan doesn’t think hiring a “Christmas Consultant” will help, especially when they propose a holiday parade that seems likely to overwhelm his staff and leave the town in even more debt.

Mary is sure the parade will be a superb fundraiser despite every obstacle put in place by the stubborn sheriff. But in the middle of her planning, the unexpected happens: she and Evan begin to see one another in a different light. Could the parade bring about more than one Christmas miracle?


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