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I Love Libraries

I Love Libraries

I love libraries. 

I have always loved libraries and have spent most of my like in them. My earliest recollection of libraries was in elementary school where I read every biography in the Childhood of Famous Americans series. In junior high I spent my lunch time in the school library and my Saturday afternoons at the city library. In college my husband and I often courted at the library. I was a junior in college when I took a children’s literature course and got an A in it. I had planned to teach social studies, but my college counselor suggested I also get a library science minor. When I graduated from college and started looking for a job the first school system I called hired me as a librarian and I have been one for 47 years. I have never lost my love for libraries. I enjoy helping customers find new authors or answers to questions.

Libraries are my life and it has been a happy one.  


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