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Imagination Hub / Art Zone

Imagination Hub / Art Zone

There’s always something fun to do at the Imagination Hub! The things there change. Right now, there are Lincoln Logs, a monkey alphabet puzzle, door hanger craft, felt 2-D blocks with patterns to try, and some mega blocks.

Often, Miss Laura will have an ‘Art Zone’ program there. Some are specific art styles like drawing or painting. Others, like the one going on today until 4:00 (8-4-2014) are Free Play – just a tantalizing array of art materials to use. Here’s the link to upcoming dates and times for all the library programs.

Carter - door hanger 8-2014

Carter made a nifty door hanger.

Jack - Lincoln Logs 8-2014

Jack built a fancy house with a driveway.

Art Zone Supplies 8-2014

During Free Play, use your imagination!


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