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Indiana Travels

Indiana Travels

School may have just started, but it’s the perfect time to start planning for fall break or a weekend trip! We’ve selected some Indiana travel guides that will take you from toboggan runs, to wineries, to alpaca farms. Click on the book title to place a hold on a physical copy from the Evergreen Catalog, or check out our August featured display at the library!

Little Indiana: small town destinations, Jessica Nunemaker

Who said big cities are the only place you can have fun? Nunemaker shows the best Indiana destinations with less than 15,000 inhabitants, featuring the sights, food, and fun you can’t miss out on if you’re willing to get off the interstates.


The Complete Guide to Indiana State Parks, Nathan D. Strange

Indiana state parks are the perfect place to go for everyone, whether it’s an afternoon hike or a weekend trip with the family. Strange describes each of the 24 state parks, highlighting what makes each place a unique experience.


Short Indiana Road Trips, Vol. 1, Paul R. Wonning

Featuring 13 short, one day road trips for Hoosiers, this describes various parks, museums, and wildlife refuges for you to explore. The guide includes basic information for each location, as well as contact information for interested visitors.


Road Trip: a pocket history of Indiana, Andrea Neal

To celebrate Indiana’s 200th anniversary, Neal selected the top 100 figures and events from the state’s history to discuss. These essays and pictures connect to tourist sites or landmarks that bring the stories to life, making for a perfect road trip guide across Indiana and its history.

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