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Job and Résumé Resources for Teens

Job and Résumé Resources for Teens

Teens looking for help with writing a resume or other job questions can access several resources from the library!

Reference USA

First, you can access Reference USA at the link above, or by going to the Digital Resources section of PGTPL’s website. Under job resources, you can find information about jobs and including resume writing help, job search tips, and interview tips. Reference USA is the number 1 source of information on businesses and people for small business owners, marketing professionals, researchers and job seekers.

Jobs for Teens HQ

Second, Jobs for Teens Headquarters is a great resource, since it’s specifically focused on providing help for teens. The site gives advice based on age and offers basic tips like resume writing and how to interview. The website does a good job at explaining labor laws and work permits for teens. It even offers ideas for younger teens who aren’t eligible for most jobs yet.

Print Books

Next, in Teen Central, there are a number of books that detail different career options. Below are five books to help you learn more about possible jobs you can pursue as you grow older. There are more books in Teen Central to help you learn about career choices and how to best apply to different jobs. You can also check out books in the adult non-fiction section of PGTPL.


Skilled trade professionals: a practical career guide by Corbin Collins

Culinary arts: a practical career guide by Tracy Brown Hamilton

Medical office professionals: a practical career guide by Marcia Santore

Health and fitness professionals: practical career guide  by Kezia Endsley.

First responders: a practical career guide by Kezia Endsley


Finally, we hope that these resources will help you navigate some of the questions you may have about finding, applying for, and starting jobs.

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