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June Teen Writing Prompts

June Teen Writing Prompts

The 2020 Summer Reading Club’s theme is Imagine Your Story, which is a great excuse to stretch your creative muscles with writing prompts. For the month of June, consider writing your take on popular superhero characters!

The much anticipated summer blockbusters, Women Woman 1984 and Black Widow, have been delayed until later in the year. What hijinks could these movies hold? Will they be worth the wait? Only time will tell, but just because you have to wait longer to see the films does not mean you can’t enjoy the characters and their adventures right now. Whether you want to read comic books or novels, both characters have a wide array of materials available at the library or through the library’s digital collections. 

However, reading about these characters may not be enough in the meantime. So why not write your own story?

Writing Prompt 1 (Wonder Woman)

Wonder Woman (Patty Jenkins, 2017) saw Wonder Woman fight the god of war, Ares, during World War I. The sequel will be set during the 1980s and the Cold War era. What radical references would you like to see to make the film feel authentic to the 1980s? Do you think Wonder Woman will be a totally tubular spy?

Writing Prompt 2 (Black Widow)

The forthcoming Black Widow movie may be the last time audiences see Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She sacrificed herself to defeat Thanos in the last Avengers film. The film deals with a part of her past that other Marvel Movies have hinted at. What would you like to see in the character’s farewell act, if she in fact does not return in later films?

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