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Keep Reading Out Loud

Keep Reading Out Loud

A lot of parents are diligent about reading out loud to their children when they are very young. Formal or informal storytimes are a part of the daily rhythm of many households with babies or toddlers, and a book or two at bedtime helps them settle and go to sleep.

Once a child learns to read on their own, however, many parents stop reading books out loud to them. But continuing to read out loud to your children – even well into their teens – offers many benefits!

Some of the advantages are academic. Books usually contain richer vocabulary than what we use in daily life, so continuing to read out loud to older children helps them learn the meaning and pronunciation of new words. They can observe adults sounding out unfamiliar words and using context clues to figure out definitions, modeling skills children learn in school.

You can also intentionally choose to read aloud books that are above your child’s current reading level. Doing so allows them to explore more complicated and engaging stories than they might be capable of reading on their own. This — along with hearing books read confidently and expressively – can inspire and encourage children to continue growing and challenging themselves in their own independent reading efforts.

Other benefits are more social and emotional. Continuing to read to your children strengthens your bond with them by spending quality time together. It also allows you to learn more about their interests (by reading books they choose) and for them to learn more about you (by sharing books that were your childhood favorites). Plus, it’s a great way to introduce them to their next favorite author or series!

Reading books about difficult topics can also help you and your child open up to one another and have hard conversations, both about world events and personal struggles your child may be facing.

Finally, continuing to read your children as they get older helps them love books and reading, which is something that will serve them well for the rest of their lives!

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Written by Carolyn L., Youth Services Programming and Outreach Coordinator

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