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Keep Tweens Reading

Keep Tweens Reading

Looking to engage your tween reader? Here are five tips to help promote reading for children ages 10-13:

Read for enjoyment

Tweens do a lot of reading for school and may not show interest in every required reading assignment. Take breaks from non-preferred reading and encourage reading for enjoyment. Do this by identifying favorite or preferred book genres to read between required assignments. Even if you only have a small amount of time in the day for personal reading, any and all reading helps improve comprehension, retention, and other reading skills.

Include friends

Books are growing in popularity thanks to internet and media trends so it’s a great time to read as a group. Having friends join in to read along can help increase the amount your tween reads while also giving them a social outlet. Try hosting a book club every few weeks at your home or scheduling some video chats to discuss current favorites.

Try book adaptations

Movies, TV shows, and video games are commonly adapted from books. If your tween already has an interest in any adapted content they have not yet read, encourage them to try reading the source material. Already knowing the storylines can help them identify similarities and differences as well as increase their likelihood of searching for similar titles.

Promote variety

Everyone has different reading needs and preferences. Branch out from traditional style books and offer your tween options such as graphic novels, manga, audiobooks, ebooks, web comics, and more! Changing up the way you read can reduce fatigue and reading burnout. Plus, if you have a multitasking kiddo, audiobooks can be a great tool for staying entertained while completing tasks or activities. 

Visit libraries

Local libraries offer a variety of services to help improve or increase reading, and the best part? It can save you time, money, and energy. Chatting with a local librarian can help you get book recommendations, reserve space for a book club, get information on reading programs, or access electronic resources such as ebooks. Public libraries are here to serve you, the patron, as best they can.

Be part of the movement to improve literacy by making your reading experiences diverse, flexible, and most importantly, enjoyable. Consider these 5 tips when helping your tween maintain or get back into the groove of reading!

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