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Literacy Tip: Sorting the Alphabet

Literacy Tip: Sorting the Alphabet


Sorting and classification are great ways for children to develop and learn early literacy skills. Making a game of sorting and classification is one of the best ways to introduce these skills to your child! An interesting activity will engage them and the hands-on learning experience will facilitate their learning.

One activity that builds in letter recognition is sorting the alphabet! Use any alphabet set, such as magnets, wooden letters, or letters that you have cut out. Have your child sort the letters based on which letters are “straight” and which letters have a “curve”. Sort the alphabet into the two types of piles, straight or curvy, and the rest of the letters can be set aside and incorporated at a later time. By having your child sort the alphabet this way, they grow to learn the alphabet and it allows them to associate the shapes when they start to write.

You can also incorporate sorting into your daily life. Make bins for different colored toys to add a fun element to cleanup time and reinforce classification skills. You could also sort clothing while doing laundry, by the color, fabric, type of clothes, and so on.

Learning the alphabet and practicing classification will ensure that your child is stimulating their brain and furthering their development!


Sort It Out by Barbara Mariconda and Sherry Rogers

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