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Literacy Tip: Words are Everywhere

Literacy Tip: Words are Everywhere


As children develop their awareness of reading and language, it can be helpful to point out all of the many different ways that words are part of the world around us. Here are a few ideas to help encourage print-awareness in your child!

  • Look at a cereal box together and try to find any letters that are in your child’s name.
  • Ask a younger child to draw a story in pictures and then practice “reading” it to you (source).
  • Play a matching game to help your toddler learn to connect symbols.
  • When driving, play an I Spy or alphabet game to help children spot letters and words in signs.
  • Narrate an everyday activity and allow your child to help when it’s possible.
  • Label items around your house so your child can start making connections between the words and the objects they represent.

While interacting with books is the best way to develop a rich vocabulary, children will also benefit from having a connection between words and their worlds. These activities may seem simple, but they will help your child develop the skills to become a confident reader!

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