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Love Monster Directed Drawing

Love Monster Directed Drawing

Love Monster Directed Drawing

Based on the Love Monster series written by Rachel Bright

Happy Valentine’s Day! Looking for a fun reading craft to celebrate the holiday? Learn how to draw your very own love monster by following along these directed drawing steps. Remember that love monsters come in all shapes and sizes, so don’t worry about trying to make your drawing perfect. 



  • Paper (8.5”x11” printer paper works just fine)
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Black, light brown, red, and blue markers or crayons



Step 1: Begin with a pencil. Draw two circles for the eyes. The left eye is a little bigger than the right. Draw eyebrows above each eye.

Step 2: Draw a smile under the eyes. Then draw three pointy teeth.

Step 3: Draw the sides of the body and two pointy ears. The lines do not have to be perfectly straight.

Step 4: Draw three small circles at the bottom of the body to make feet. Connect the feet with a line to finish the body. Draw small triangles in each circle for the claws.

Step 5: This step is the most complex, so feel free to get creative if having any difficulty. Make some space for arms by erasing two small sections of the body outline on the left and right. Then draw two lines going down at an angle to make arms. Draw the paws using four small curves and triangles for the claws.

Step 6: Time to add the details. Begin by drawing a heart on the right side of the monster’s chest. Add fur lines throughout the body and along the outline.

Step 7: Use a black marker to draw over all of your lines to create a bold outline, then color as you wish! The love monster from the book has red fur, light brown paws and feet, and a blue heart.

Check out Love Monster by Rachel Bright and other similar titles and programs the next time you visit the Children’s Room at Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library. Thanks for visiting and happy reading!

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