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Mango Languages

Mango Languages

Do you want to go abroad, see the world, or even take a simple vacation? Would you like to communicate with a coworker or neighbor in their native tongue? Language is all around us every day, but, shockingly, only 20% of Americans report being able to hold a conversation in more than one language, compared to Europe’s near 60%. With your help, we can raise that number, and we have a great tool for you to use.

Mango Languages, one of our several databases available for free to PGTPL patrons, is a Language Learning service, offering 73 different courses on various languages. These include some rarer, more colloquial forms of different speeches, such as:

  • Egyptian, Modern Standard, Levantine, and Iraqi Arabic
  • Canadian French 
  • Latin American and Castilian Spanish
  • Dead languages such as Ancient Greek, Koine Greek, and Latin 
  • And 2 Native American languages, Cherokee and Pottawatomie

So with all these choices and Mango’s ability to let you repeat lessons as many times as you need, why not pick up a language? If you’re at all nervous, here are a few languages that Mango offers that native English speakers usually find easy to learn:

  • Norwegian
  • Swahili
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch

America is a country full of diversity, in peoples, culture, food, and tradition. Check out Mango Languages to add to your language skills and celebrate that mix!

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